For those of you who don’t know (if you don’t get out from under that rock) we have been incredibly
busy at the brewery! We rented out our front space to Jeffrey Judge for a pizza kitchen, we enclosed
our front porch, and most recently we moved our beer cooler to expand our bar area.
If you keep up with us at all then you know we do as much as we can ourselves. All this was no
different. We built all 31 of our new tables, we built the new bar across the front and the one inside, we
took the cooler apart and rebuilt it in the new location, we built a new walk in gift shop, among many
other things here and there. We have more blood sweat and tears invested in the brewery than I care to
think about.
Here it is Thanksgiving so I have to say that I am so very thankful to be business partners with Ben Patillo
and his wife Elizabeth. I am also thankful for Jeff and Tammy Judge as they have opened an amazing
pizza kitchen in the brewery. They along with my wife Leah have made all this change possible. I could
not ask for anyone to work harder and have more dedication than they have. We have regularly worked
16 hour days during this change to make sure we could still open for the weekends.
I am so proud of how it has turned out. We have a few things to go to finish this part up but we are very
close. We have more to come in the spring as well so just hang in there to see what is next!
Saturday November 25 th is the opening of the East Bank Festival Plaza across the street from the
brewery. Come and see our changes and experience what is new in our neighborhood.

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