Flying Heart Brewing & Pub’s 700 Barksdale Boulevard location has a much more interesting history than you may have known. So take a quick ride back in time with us to see what life was like for “Bossier Fire Station 6” back in the early 1950’s.
Built in 1953, Bossier utilized the 700 Barksdale Boulevard station as the city’s main central fire station. Prior to 1953, the Bossier Fire Department was essentially a volunteer organization, headquartered at Bossier City Hall.
The building continued to be used as the city’s central fire station until about mid-way through the eighties.
When Bossier City’s central station found its’ new home, the station located on Barksdale Boulevard consequently became renamed as Bossier City’s “Fire House No. 6”, continuing to function in its official duties until 2010 when a new firehouse for the station was constructed.
Afterwards, 700 Barksdale Boulevard housed Bossier City traffic police for several years until Flying Heart Brewing & Pub purchased the location in 2014 and started the necessary renovations in order to convert the old firehouse into a brand-new micro brewery.
In the early days of firefighting, canvas material was used for the body of the water hose itself. Since canvas hoses sitting in water were exceptionally prone to mildew and rot, the water had to be drained from all hoses after fighting any fires.
The brick tower was raised on the southern side of Station 6 so that all the fire hoses could hang up vertically after use in order to drain and maintain the integrity of each hose. Young boys helped Station 6’s firefighters by collecting, then hanging the hoses up inside the tower to drip-dry after they were used. Station 6’s Tower was built in the 1960’s.
Unique to Flying Heart Brewing & Pub’s location is the presence of a tall Magnolia tree in its’ front Barksdale Boulevard corner. Planted in 1963, the Magnolia acts as a Memorial tree, honoring two Bossier City employees and two firefighters who perished in a fatal sewer gas accident. To honor these Fallen heroes, the Magnolia tree was planted at Station No. 6, and continues to be cared for by the staff of Flying Heart Brewing & Pub. Flying Heart’s tabletops and decor echo the essence of the firefighter’s unique history.
Today, Flying Heart Brewing & Pub has extended the building on the Barksdale Boulevard side, enclosing the formerly open-air driveway into a porch to provide additional seating for diners. The brewery’s capacity now can hold over 200 guests and is fast becoming THE destination for receptions and other private events. Additionally in 2018, the Southern end of the brewery added additional rear seating, plus a covered patio ending in a new beer garden affectionately called “Rollin’ 6” in honor of the fire station’s honored history

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