It seems just the other day I sat down and was talking to yall about a new year’s resolution. Now here it
is and I feel like I am looking at the end of the year coming up again. 2017 is almost gone and where did
it go? Well I know I have been busy! Busy brewing, busy learning, working at my other job, raising three
kids, and trying to be a good husband.
This so far has been an amazing year. Things have been going so much better at the brewery for sure.
We have overcome some challenging hurdles and have gotten back to the basics of brewing. We have
gone through every aspect of our process with a fine tooth comb and weeded out any possible area of
issue. We have changed our fermentation tanks and restructured our process. We have done all this to
fulfill our promise of getting things right.
In the process I have taught my kids that even with things are tough and not going your way you keep
pushing, you keep learning, and you never give up. I have had to spend quite a bit of time away from
home for this and my wonderful wife has been by my side through the whole process.
I have so much more to say but as usual I have things to do. I will be back again and will not take so long
this time!


Ben Hart

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