Hello 2017! We are excited and embrace a brand new year. It was a great 2016 for us. As most people do during New Years, we have taken this time to look back over the last year of our lives, analyze our goals, question our motives, look back on our decisions, and review those areas where we possibly could do or be better; better members of our great society, better people, better husbands, wives, parents, children, and in our case, BREWERS!

For the Love of Beer

Our team started brewing beer for the love, passion, and art of it. We founded the brewery “small”, with no investors or people to answer to. We did this on purpose! We wanted to be able to sail our brewery ship, with no one looking over our shoulder and asking for a return on the investment. We, in essence, embodied the true Craft Beer motto; make small batches by hand with a passion for the creation of the product.

The Craft Beer Process

We also loved the feeling and joy of handing someone a beer and proudly saying, “We made this!” We are proud of those achievements but are humble still, for a reason! We are successful because of very simple equation: hard work combined with a great product plus amazing customers! We like to call this a shared success and we couldn’t have done it without our loyal customers, whom we like to call our extended family.


In any business venture, one must be realistic about our goals, intents, and future visions. As we looked back over last year, we analyzed all the events, challenges, successes and failures which occurred at Flying Heart Brewing. We had questions we needed to answer; questions, when answered, would enable our team to continue on the initial path as to why we started out brewing in the first place.

  • Are we happy with where we are?
  • What we are doing, and where we are going?
  • Why are we making beer?
  • Why do we work so hard at it?
  • Why do our loyal customers keep coming back?
  • Why do we continue to see new faces and make new craft beer drinking friends?
  • Why do they pick our brewery to enjoy an evening in?
  • Why Craft Beer?

The honest answers may surprise you.

Why do we make beer? Well, because, first and foremost, we love to drink it! We love the meticulous process! We love the incredible art of it! We love the unique science and ultimately, we LOVE the reward of seeing a new face, smiling, while drinking our stellar craft beer creation! This is why we do it. And this is our center focus.

Being Honest

So, since we are being honest with answers, during the last year, we began pressuring ourselves and unfortunately got caught up in a rat race that we couldn’t control.

We felt the need to have our beer everywhere

and as fast as we could make it, we wanted to distribute it. We lost sight of our WHY. We became discontent with a slow organic growth. We tried to force it. Somewhere along the way, that force and our desire to have Flying Heart in as many places as possible, began driving our brewery ship.

You cannot force science;

This is lesson number one and a lesson we, along with MANY other extremely successful breweries have encountered, learned through meeting our challenges head on! Not to say we were not happy with everything, but we were not as happy, or proud of the products as we could have been. We lost focus of what is most important; our love of the process, the art, the science, and the reward of a stellar beer. We didn’t open the brewery to become the next Budweiser, or even an Abita. We did this to bring a craft brewery to our community while making small batches of high quality brew, just for YOU.


As some of our customers may have noticed, our beer has changed over last year; some for the better, some for the worse. The “worse” part forced us to question again “why do customers, old and new, frequent and intermittent, come to Bossier City to try Flying Heart Brewing?” It’s because despite changes in our beer, YOU, novice drinker, homebrewer, hop-head, malt lover, lager guzzler, dark ale sipper, old and young, YOU did not forget our WHY! We dedicated ourselves to creating a tap room where you feel like family.

We thank each and every one of you for sticking with us and for believing in Flying Heart Brewing.

Our New Year’s resolution

Our New Year’s resolution is to get back to what started us down this road. The love of the processes, the art, the science, and the reward of seeing one of our new friends smiling while drinking a homemade, stellar beer. We are once again focused on small, high quality batches and will NOT settle for anything less. We no longer care if our beer is in every restaurant and bar we can find. Those establishments who request our beer will have us and we will continue to provide excellent customer service to each location who chooses to carry our product.

Flying Heart Craft Beer Bottled

To the friends we have yet to meet, whether that’s at the tap room or at a local bar or restaurant, we look forward to introducing you to our beers. To our loyal customers, our friends and families, we thank you for not letting us forget WHY we brew. As we start 2017, we humbly say thank you and look forward to sharing Flying Heart with you and many new smiling faces.

Beer is our Passion…YOU make it FUN!

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